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Best Audio & Video editing course in 2023

Audio and Video editing course will help in securing the most demanded job in the visual media industry- Audio Video Editor. Learn from experts. Get trained in Audio-Video Editing tools with us and get placed in Multimedia Industry.


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3 Months


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What will you learn in Audio – Video Editing ?

Adobe Premiere Pro Course – Getting Started

  • Exploring Premiere Pro Interface
  • What is Non-Linear Editing (NLE)?
  • customizing Premiere Pro Interface

Setting up Premiere Pro

  • Setting up a New Project
  • Setting up a Back-up Strategy
  • customizing Preferences

Start Editing

  • Importing Videos into Premiere Pro
  • Importing Images into Premiere Pro
  • Creating Bins
  • Organizing Assets into Bins
  • Creating New Sequences

Creating a Rough-Cut Storyboard

  • Importing a Series of Videos and Images
  • Creating a Rough-Cut Storyboard
  • Creating a Slideshow of Videos/Images

Editing Skills

  • Adding Clips to the Timeline
  • Editing Clips on the Timeline
  • Creating In and Out Points
  • Editing Clips in the Source Monitor
  • Creating Sub clips
  • Making Cuts on the Timeline

Exploring Adobe Premiere Editing Tools

  • Using Selection tool
  • Using the Track Select Forward/Track Select Backward tool
  • Making Cuts on the Timeline with Razor tool
  • Implementing Ripple Edit tool and Rolling Edit tool in Your Edits
  • Exploring the Slide tool and Slip tool
  • Exploring Zoom and Hand tools for Faster Editing

Time Remapping Techniques

  • Changing the Speed of the clip (Slow Motion / Fast Motion)
  • Implementing Rate Stretch tool for Slow / Fast Motion
  • Implementing Speed/Duration for Slow / Fast Motion
  • Creating Beautiful Hollywood-Style Super Slow Motion

Basics of Audio Editing

  • Previewing Audio Clips in Premiere Pro before Importing Them
  • Importing Audio Clips into Your Project
  • Adjusting Audio Volume


  • Exploring Transitions in Premiere Pro
  • Creating Video Transitions
  • Editing Video Transitions


  • Exporting Your Sequence from Premiere Pro
  • Exporting Your Sequence with Media Encoder
  • Exploring Export Options such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and other formats
  • Exporting Video Frames as Images

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Career opportunities for Audio – Video Editing

  • Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get trained under best faculties. Purchase highly configured system and be consistent to learn it.

Get trained under best faculties. Purchase highly configured system and be consistent to learn it.

Pick the right course with best syllabus .Learn sound forge,video editing tools package.


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