Best Gulf VAT courses in Kerala

Learn Gulf VAT courses in Kerala with updated syllabus, latest exam techniques that will help you to get accounting jobs in Gulf.

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Gulf job oriented Accounting Course

This course is perfect for those who are looking for job oriented training in accounting. It will equip you with skills that are in demand in today’s market such as financial reporting and auditing, taxation, investment and so on.

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4 months Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala will enable you to find jobs in various positions

accountant in gulf



Accounts Executive

Accounts Manager

Front Office Assistant


The Gulf region is a place with a lot of opportunities for people who are looking for jobs. Accounting is one of the fields that offers many opportunities in the region as few listed below. This is why Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala has its relevance.

What will you learn?

The Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala are short term, which means that they can be completed in a very short time. The courses also provide students with a variety of job oriented skills, such as managing finances and taxes, and preparing reports and much more.

Accordion Content



Text Basics

  • Typing the text, Alignment of text
  • Editing Text: Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Clear
  • Find & Replace

Text Formatting and saving file

  • New, Open, Close, Save, Save As
  • Formatting Text: Font Size, Font Style
  • Font Color, Use the Bold, Italic, and Underlined
  • Change the Text Case
  • Line spacing, Paragraph spacing
  • Shading text and paragraph
  • Working with Tabs and Indents

Working with Objects

  • Shapes, Clipart and Picture, Word Art, Smart Art
  • Columns and Orderings – To Add Columns to a Document
  • Change the Order of Objects
  • Page Number, Date & Time
  • Inserting Text boxes
  • Inserting Word art
  • Inserting symbols
  • Inserting Chart

Header & Footers 

  • Inserting custom Header and Footer
  • Inserting objects in the header and footer
  • Add a section break to a document

Working with bullets and numbered lists

  • Multilevel numbering and Bulleting
  • Creating List
  • Customizing List style
  • Page bordering
  • Page background


  • Working with Tables, Table Formatting
  • Table Styles
  • Alignment option

Styles and Content 

  • Using Build- in Styles, Modifying Styles
  • Creating Styles, Creating a list style
  • Table of contents and references
  • Adding internal references
  • Adding a Footnote
  • Adding Endnote 

Merging Documents 

  • Typing new address list
  • Importing address list from Excel file
  • Write and insert the field
  • Merging with outlook contact
  • Preview Result
  • Merging to envelopes
  • Merging to label
  • Setting rules for merges
  • Finish & Merge options

Sharing and Maintaining Document

  • Changing Word Options
  • Changing the Proofing Tools
  • Managing Templates
  • Restricting Document Access
  • Using Protected View
  • Working with Templates
  • Managing Templates
  • Understanding building blocks 

Proofing the document 

  • Check Spelling as You Type.
  • Mark Grammar Errors as You Type
  • Setting AutoCorrect Options


  • Page Setup, Setting margins
  • Print Preview, Print 


Introduction to Excel

  • Introduction to Excel interface
  • Understanding rows and columns, Naming Cells
  • Working with excel workbook and sheets

 Formatting Excel workbook:

  • New, Open, Close, Save, Save As
  • Formatting Text: Font Size, Font Style
  • Font Color, Use the Bold, Italic, and Underlined
  • Wrap text, Merge and Centre
  • Currency, Accounting and other formats
  • Modifying Columns, Rows & Cells

Perform Calculations with Functions 

  • Creating Simple Formulas
  • Setting up your formula
  • Date and Time Functions, Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions, Lookup and Reference
  • Functions Mathematical Functions
  • Statistical Functions, Text Functions

Sort and Filter Data with Excel

  • Sort and filter data
  • Using a number filter, Text filter
  • Custom filtering
  • Removing filters from columns’ conditional formatting

Create Effective Charts to Present Data Visually

  • Inserting Column, Pie chart etc.
  • Create an effective chart with Chart Tool
  • Design, Format, and Layout options
  • Adding chart title
  • Changing layouts
  • Chart styles
  • Editing chart data range
  • Editing data series
  • Changing chart

Analyze Data Using PivotTables and Pivot Charts

  • Understand PivotTables, Create a PivotTable
  • Framework Using the PivotTable and PivotChart
  • Create Pivot Chart from the pivot Table.
  • Inserting slicer
  • Creating Calculated fields

Protecting and sharing the workbook

  • Protecting a workbook with a password
  • Allow users to edit ranges
  • Track changes
  • Working with Comments
  • Insert Excel Objects and Charts in Word Documents and PowerPoint Presentation.

Use Macros to Automate Tasks

  • Creating and Recording Macros
  • Assigning Macros to the worksheets
  • Saving Macro enabled workbook

Proofing and Printing

  • Page setup, setting print area, Print titles
  • Inserting custom Header and Footer
  • Inserting objects in the header and footer
  • Page Setup, setting margins, Print Preview, Print
  • Enable background error checking
  • Setting AutoCorrect Options



Setting Up PowerPoint Environment:

  • New, Open, Close, Save, Save As
  • Typing the text, Alignment of text
  • Formatting Text: Font Size, Font Style
  • Font Color, Use the Bold, Italic, and Underlined
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All, Clear text
  • Find & Replace
  • Working with Tabs and Indents

Creating slides and applying themes

  • Inserting new slide
  • Changing the layout of slides
  • Duplicating slides
  • Copying and pasting slide
  • Applying themes to the slide layout
  • Changing theme color
  • Slide background
  • Formatting slide background
  • Using slide views

Working with bullets and numbering

  • Multilevel numbering and Bulleting
  • Creating List
  • Page bordering
  • Page background
  • Aligning text
  • Text directions
  • Columns option

Working with Objects

  • Shapes, Clipart and Picture, Word Art, Smart Art
  • Change the Order of Objects
  • Inserting slide header and footer
  • Inserting Text boxes
  • Inserting shapes, using quick styles
  • Inserting Word art
  • Inserting symbols
  • Inserting Chart

Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

  • Inserting Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Edit Hyperlinks and Action Button
  • Word Art and Shapes

Working With Movies and Sounds

  • Inserting Movie from a Computer File
  • Inserting Audio file
  • Audio Video playback and format options
  • Video options, Adjust options
  • Reshaping and bordering Video

Using SmartArt and Tables

  • Working with Tables, Table Formatting
  • Table Styles
  • Alignment option
  • Merge and split option
  • Converting text to smart art

Animation and Slide Transition

  • Default Animation, Custom Animation
  • Modify a Default or Custom Animation
  • Reorder Animation Using Transitions
  • Apply a Slide Transition, Modifying a
  • Transition, Advancing to the Next Slide

Using slide master

  • Using slide master
  • Inserting layout option
  • Creating custom layout
  • Inserting place holders
  • Formatting place holders

Slide show option

  • Start slide show
  • Start show from the current slide
  • Rehearse timing
  • Creating a custom slide show

 Proofing and Printing

  • Check Spelling as You Type
  • Setting AutoCorrect Options
  • Save as Video
  • Save as JPEG files
  • Save as PowerPoint Show file
  • Print Preview, Print

Introduction | Accounting terms

     Accounting | Event and transaction | Bookkeeping and accounting | Stakeholders in business | Important business terms

Capital and revenue transactions | Accounting principles

     Capital and revenue expenditure | Capital and revenue receipt | Accounting concepts and conventions | Double entry system of bookkeeping

Account | Traditional and modern rules

     Account | Classification of account | Debit and credit | Traditional and modern rules relating to accounts


     What is journal | Journal preparation

Ledger | Trail balance

     What is ledger | Ledger posting | Ledger balancing

Cash book and its types

    Types of cash book and discount

Bank reconciliation statement


     Depreciation and its causes | Needs for charging depreciation | Factors considered for depreciation | depreciation methods.

Inventory valuation

     FIFO | LIFO

Trail balance

     Trail balance preparation

Trading and profit and loss account

     Trading account and its preparation | Profit and loss account and its preparation

Yearend adjustment entries

     Adjustments regarding final accounts

Balance sheet

     Preparation of balance sheet | Problems with final accounts


Accounting Introduction | Terms | Expenditures 

   Introduction to accounting | Basic accounting terms | Expenditures and Their Types

Accounting Concepts 

  Accounting concepts | Different Accounting Concepts

Accounting Rules

  Types of Accounts | Traditional and Modern Rules of Accounting 


   Preparation of Journal | Journal Entry Test (JET) 

Ledger & Cash Book

   Ledger | Ledger Posting and Balancing | Cash Book | Types of Cash Books

Trail balance, Adjustments

   Trail Balance | Format and preparation of trial balance | Adjustments 

Final accounts

   Preparation of Final accounts

Introduction to Tally Prime 

   Installing Tally | Tally Introduction | Types of License in Tally Prime | Activation & Deactivation of License | Work in Education Mode

Company Creation

   Company Creation | Alteration| Shut Company | Select Company | Delete Company | Company Features | Company Configuration | Ledger Creation | Alteration | Display | Delete(Single & Multiple) | Navigation(top,right) | Swich to | Go to

Chart of Accounts

   Introduction to Chart of Accounts| Master Creation- Ledger | Group- Both Single and Multiple – Deletion | Alteration

Inventory Master

   Creation- Alteration – Deletion Of -Inventory Group | Inventory Category | Unit | Stock Item | Location | Sub Group | Sub Category 


Vouchers- Recording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions

   Voucher | Voucher Creation

Bill Wise Allocation & Practice Question Including All

Completed Portions

   Bill Wise Allocation of Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors


   Banking – Cheque Printing| Deposit Slip Printing | Bank Payments | Payment Advice | BRS- Manual and Auto

Reports Generation

   Generating reports in tally | MIS Reports Generation

Data Security

   Data Security- Backup | Restore | Activation of Security Control in Tally | Creation of Security Levels | Creation of Passwords for Company | Activation of Company Vault | Auto Login




Inventory Storage | Maintaining Batch

   Storage and classification of inventory ( Godown transfer and management) | maintain batch-wise details

Price level

   Price List | Practice

Additional Features In Tally Prime | Voucher Class Settings

   Credit Limit | Zero Value Voucher | Actual and Billed Quantity Column | Separate Discount Column | Additional Cost of Purchase | Sales Invoice Logo | Banking Details in Invoice | Voucher Class Settings

Purchase Order -Quotation | Re-order level

   Purchase Order Processing | Re-Order Level

Sales order- proforma invoice

   Sales Order Processing | Proforma Invoice

Cost centre | profit centre management

   Cost centre | Pre-Defined Cost Centre | Profit Centre Management

Budget & scenario | sales invoice numbering


Debtors – creditors’ interest calculation


Non-accounting vouchers and generating | printing reports | forex conversion

Full portion practice day 




GST introduction 

   Introduction of GST | GST Components | GST rates 

Activating GST in Company

   Activating GST in Tally Prime, GST master creation, inward and outward supply of goods / local and interstate GST reports 

GST Purchase and Sales of Goods & Service

   Purchase and sales of goods and services & practice

ITC and GST payments  

  ITC in Tally | GST Payments | Practice



Live projects


Introduction And History Of QuickBooks Accounting
Features | Benefits | Online QuickBooks Accounts Setup
Company creation | Customizing Invoice
Estimates | Cash memo
Chart Of Accounts | Creation | Alteration
Hide/Show Accounts | Import Of Chart Of Accounts
Depreciation | Journal
GST In Quickbooks | Rates
Inventory Creation | Alteration | Import Of Inventory
Customer Creation | Supplier Creation | Import
Purchase | purchase order | Debit Note
Sales | Credit Note
Payment | Receipt
Transfer | Additional Features
TDS | Reports | Reports customisation
Export Reports To Excel File

Introduction to GCC VAT Supplies under UAE VAT Federal Tax Authority Tax payable Types of registrations under VAT Reverse charge mechanism Types of transactions under VAT Penalties Maintenance of accounts GCC VAT in Tally Prime VAT reports generation using  Tally Prime

Introduction to Excel

     Introduction to Excel 365 | Editing sheet | Formatting | Project1

Worksheet view

     Viewing worksheet | Filling series | Flash fill

Conditional formatting | Data validation

     Conditional formatting- new rule | Data validation

Lookup and cell reference


Important functions in Excel

     Remove duplicate values | Hyperlink | Important functions in excel

Logical operations | sum and count functions

     Logical functions | sum | sumif | sumifs | count | countif | countifs

Working with formulas

     Statistical functions and mathematical functions | Date related functions

Text functions

     Text functions in excel | Match and index functions

Database functions and subtotal functions

     Dsum | dcount | Subtotal functions

Classic pivot table and chart

     Chart element | Pivot table and pivot chart

Data extraction

     Filter and advanced filter

Graphics and insert object function

     Custom view | Graphics | Insert object

Print area setup

     Header and footer | Print area setup | Text to column function

Important tools in excel

Form data | Auditing tool | Web data

Goal seak | Solver | Scenario manager

Speak cell | Camera tool | Sparkline chart

People graph | Data forecast | Import text file

Mail merge | Consolidating data

Macro | Password protection

  • Daily attendance record in excel
  • Income& Expense tracker in Excel
  • Automatic inventory control application in Excel
  • Invoice preparation in Excel
  • Salary slip automation in Excel
  • Student report card in Excel
  • Mobile installment scheme in Excel
  • Visitors’ entry register in Excel
  • Students’ admission form in Excel
  • Attendance tracker in Excel ( Employees)

Are you looking for short term Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala?

gulf vat courses in Kerala

If your answer is YES, register for our Gulf VAT accounting courses for Kerala which will get you the job for sure.

Job opportunities in Gulf region will be notified in very short time. You must be ready with adequate skills to grab that unique opportunity. Hence, you may not get enough time to do a long term course. Instead, a short term course in Gulf VAT accounting in Kerala will only help to master the skills in time.

Will short term course meet the purpose?

This is a common question that comes to our mind. Gulf VAT courses in Kerala can be learned in 4 months if you get proper training. Our trained and experienced faculties can help you master the necessary skills that employers in Gulf are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many accounting courses which you can do for a job in UAE. Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala is one such course. You can refer our detailed course page for all the accounting courses in Kerala offered by us.

Gulf VAT course focuses more on accounting practices in GCC. For more detailed information, get in touch with our Academic Advisor.

The salary depends on your skills level and expertise. All our students are getting salary at the industry standards and are offered salary hike within short span of time by seeing the skills level they have.

Yes, you can. You can do Gulf VAT accounting courses in Kerala online also. Please check with our career experts to know more about that.

The fee structure is quite affordable and different for online and classroom training. You may contact our Course Coordinator for fees related information.